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A Brief History of Social Media

As we added some more designs to our Social Media category, it got us thinking about how far we’ve come in regards to the Internet and how we communicate.  Good thing or bad thing, I think we can all agree that things will continue to change.

SocialMedia InfoGraphic

IamTee New Website

After spending the past few months getting our t-shirts out to a wider audience, we finally got around to giving our main website a facelift.  Check it out now at  Of course, there will be more things added and I’m a little behind on blogging, tweeting, posting, pinning and several other verbs.  But stick with me.  There will be some new stuff coming down the pipe very soon.

As you cruise through the site you’ll notice some nice integration with  We currently do about 30% of our business through Amazon so it made sense to integrate the main website.  You’ll be able to check out with your Amazon ID and even use your Amazon billing and shipping preferences.  Our prices will always be the same on Amazon and the Website, but we will offer discounts and special offers on the Website from time to time.  We will also offer a special deal each week on one shirt (50% off) so check back often.  Wear your Passion!