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Mixed Martial Arts, Engage

This is one of my favorite designs on our site.  As a former student of a Philippine Stick Master I appreciate the training required to become great.  As the father of 6 children I also appreciate the ability to create great art.

Only 43 days until Christmas!! Too Soon?

My neighbors put up their Christmas decorations this weekend.   Now my children want me to put ours up.  I told them we were sticking with ‘my’ tradition and waiting until the day after Thanksgiving.  What do you think?  Is it too early to start with the decorating and the tree trimming and the ho ho ho-ing?

The Evolution of T-Shirts

We’ve designed quite a few Evolution themed shirts recently and expect to do quote a few more.  From athletics to creativity to Mario, it seems that evolving is popular.  In some cases it can be argued that the evolution went the wrong direction.  Do you agree?  Are there other evolution shirts you’d like to see.  Let us know.


Shopping is my Cardio!

As I’ve mentioned before I like to run. A lot. If it weren’t for running, my love of wine and chocolate (and beer and doughnuts, etc.) would surely have done me in by now. After all, can you think of another way to burn off thousands of calories in 4 hours (don’t answer that)? Mountain Biking, Hiking, Swimming, Weights and now Shopping are all excellent ways to get in shape (OK, I’m not sure I buy shopping yet, but it’s on a tshirt so it must be true.)


Here Comes Halloween!!!

Only 2 more weeks left to Halloween.  I thought I’d post some more of our new designs before it was too late.  You can find these and more here:    Have a great night.

A few new Republican Designs

We’re just 5 weeks from the election for President of the United States.  As an equal opportunity tshirt printer we have designed some Republican designs as well as some Democrat designs (with a few Independent designs thrown in for good measure).  We’ll be fair tomorrow but for now here’s some of our Republican Designs.

Is it too early for Halloween?

It’s still 80 in the midwest but cooler temps are coming.  It’s time to start thinking about Halloween costumes.  And Pumpkin patches.  And Hayrack rides.  And caramel apples.  And candy.  Lots and lots of candy.  Of course, as we plan for Halloween, we forget that immediately following that we plan for Thanksgiving and then Christmas and well, I’m just not ready for that yet.  So, now that I’m depressed about getting ready for the Holidays, enjoy some new designs for All Hallows Eve.

The Gifts of George Takei

I am a fan of George Takei on Facebook, along with almost 3 million other people.  On a daily basis he will post 5+ cute or funny images and they are usually pretty good and more often than not, they start some active commenting.  Once he posts something, one or more of my friends will usually share it.  I’m sure you’ve all experienced a little George second hand.  Most of his posts are sent in by fans but he does a good job of distilling them.

Anyway, a few days ago he posted a simple little image:

This little truth reminded me that the majority of my work is based around the internet.  In fact, I rarely use my computer for a task that doesn’t involve the internet in some fashion.   So what do you do when the internet goes down, even for a short time.  I find it funny that one of our new designs (created just last week) answers that very question.  When the internet goes down, the tv goes on.  Is that true for you?  Here’s the artwork for dark shirts.

Or a version for lighter shirts:

This isn’t a Popularity contest. Or is it?

We posted our “I’ll take the Mormon over the Moron” shirt a few weeks ago, but we thought it was worth another mention.  For the past few weeks, this shirt has outsold the nearest competitor by 3 to 1.  We have other Romney/Republican designs, but this one appears to have struck a nerve.

On the flip side of the coin, Republican shirts are outselling Democrat shirts almost 10 to 1 on the site.  With the polls all showing the current President up by 5-6 points, the Democrats must feel no need to support their team.

What do you think?  Do you wear tshirts to support your party/candidate?

Coffee Loading…

Ever have one of those days when you wake up and the world is in slow motion?  I have.  Again and Again.  But thanks to the good people of climates much warmer than mine, I’m able to perk up with a little jolt of caffeine from my favorite coffee.  Of course, it takes a few minutes for the magic to begin, but that’s why we entertain ourselves in the mean time with cool shirts.  Java up!