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A new way to sell T-shirts

IamTee sprung from a traditional T-Shirt printer.  We’d make designs and print them and hope that they sold well.  If they didn’t, we’d keep the extras in a warehouse.  Some of them are still there, like some creepy Tee Museum.  A new site called TeeSpring allows people (or companies) to upload a design they feel will sell.  They decide how many must be ordered before the design is printed.  For instance, you may decide that 50 shirts need to be sold before you will print.  If 50 aren’t sold, none get printed.

Using this method, excess inventory is a thing of the past.  Plus consumers are always motivated by scarcity.  We will probably try this ourselves in the future, but for now, how about you be the guinea pig.  If you have a design that you think people will love, give it a try.  Apparently you have nothing to lose.


A Brief History of Social Media

As we added some more designs to our Social Media category, it got us thinking about how far we’ve come in regards to the Internet and how we communicate.  Good thing or bad thing, I think we can all agree that things will continue to change.

SocialMedia InfoGraphic

A few new Republican Designs

We’re just 5 weeks from the election for President of the United States.  As an equal opportunity tshirt printer we have designed some Republican designs as well as some Democrat designs (with a few Independent designs thrown in for good measure).  We’ll be fair tomorrow but for now here’s some of our Republican Designs.

The Gifts of George Takei

I am a fan of George Takei on Facebook, along with almost 3 million other people.  On a daily basis he will post 5+ cute or funny images and they are usually pretty good and more often than not, they start some active commenting.  Once he posts something, one or more of my friends will usually share it.  I’m sure you’ve all experienced a little George second hand.  Most of his posts are sent in by fans but he does a good job of distilling them.

Anyway, a few days ago he posted a simple little image:

This little truth reminded me that the majority of my work is based around the internet.  In fact, I rarely use my computer for a task that doesn’t involve the internet in some fashion.   So what do you do when the internet goes down, even for a short time.  I find it funny that one of our new designs (created just last week) answers that very question.  When the internet goes down, the tv goes on.  Is that true for you?  Here’s the artwork for dark shirts.

Or a version for lighter shirts:

Why haven’t we launched yet?

We’ve received a few emails asking why the site hasn’t launched yet.  Well, to be honest, we’re sort of perfectionists and wanted a million designs finished before we launched.  Realizing that this is unlikely in our lifetime, we had to make some changes in our expectations.  The current plan is to launch in late August with roughly 300 new designs.  After that a few dozen new designs will be released weekly.  Due to this ‘ramped-up’ launch date we will have a few categories that are design free.  For now.  We hope to have all categories populated with something cool by mid September.  In the mean time, if you’d like to see a design or two in your favorite category, just email us and we’ll do what we can.