Monthly Archives: August 2012

Hearing Music for the first time

There was a great article this morning about a filmmaker who had been unable to hear his own soundtracks.  For all purposes, he was deaf to the sounds around him.  Then he received new hearing aids and was able to hear the music.   “It’s like the first time you kiss a girl. It’s like that,” he said.

It started my mind spinning as I tried to imagine a world without sound.  We often take for granted the music, speech and even noise around us.  We complain when the neighbors play their stereo too loud or when the table next to us is sharing a story too ‘passionately’.  But consider the alternative.  Would you rather have access to music and speech and the sound of a happy baby or no sound at all.  The good comes with the bad.

Celebrate the sounds around you.  Our shirts don’t make noise, but when I see some of our designs I hear them in my head.  What do you hear?

Never discuss Politics or else!

As I scrolled through Facebook this morning, I was bombarded with political images, opinions and general screaming.  I learned long ago that in many cases it’s best to keep your opinion to yourself.  Especially if you struggle to back it up in an intelligent and coherent fashion.  Then a smart woman taught me a lesson.  If you believe in something, it becomes part of the testimony to who you are.  People are free to disagree with you (and some do so very verbally), but if your beliefs and opinions are strong, there attacks will not sway you.  In that vein, here are some designs ‘designed’ to cause disagreement.

Why haven’t we launched yet?

We’ve received a few emails asking why the site hasn’t launched yet.  Well, to be honest, we’re sort of perfectionists and wanted a million designs finished before we launched.  Realizing that this is unlikely in our lifetime, we had to make some changes in our expectations.  The current plan is to launch in late August with roughly 300 new designs.  After that a few dozen new designs will be released weekly.  Due to this ‘ramped-up’ launch date we will have a few categories that are design free.  For now.  We hope to have all categories populated with something cool by mid September.  In the mean time, if you’d like to see a design or two in your favorite category, just email us and we’ll do what we can.

Are you Old School OR Retro?

When you joyfully discuss your earlier years and the great video games that you spent every waking moment on, do you refer to the games as Old School or Retro?  Are these two terms interchangeable?  I’m pretty sure I’ve used both terms to describe myself, sometimes as an Old School Gamer and other times as a fan of Retro Systems, such as the Atari 2600 or the Fairchild Channel F (yes I’m dating myself).

According to the Wikipedia entry on RetroGaming, people from the United Kingdom use the term Retro while those in the United States use Old School.  I’m not sure I completely buy that, but since it was on Wikipedia it must be true.

Old School!  Retro!  We’re cool with whatever you want to call yourself, but just to be safe, we’ve got you covered either way.

Moving on Up

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I run….a lot.  What I haven’t done a lot of is climb.  Rocks, Mountains, large Hills.  Not for me.  Yet!  But after seeing some of our new Outdoor designs, I might have to start climbing just so I can wear them.  What do you think?