Monthly Archives: October 2012

Save 2nd Base: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We have a few Pink and Cancer Awareness designs on our site, but we saw this one on ebay and liked it.  It gets the point across with humor (a little crude, but that’s the charm).  With the month coming to an end it will be interesting to see if these shirts are still selling next month.  You can click on the shirt to be taken to the seller’s ebay store.

Shopping is my Cardio!

As I’ve mentioned before I like to run. A lot. If it weren’t for running, my love of wine and chocolate (and beer and doughnuts, etc.) would surely have done me in by now. After all, can you think of another way to burn off thousands of calories in 4 hours (don’t answer that)? Mountain Biking, Hiking, Swimming, Weights and now Shopping are all excellent ways to get in shape (OK, I’m not sure I buy shopping yet, but it’s on a tshirt so it must be true.)


Here Comes Halloween!!!

Only 2 more weeks left to Halloween.  I thought I’d post some more of our new designs before it was too late.  You can find these and more here:    Have a great night.

A few new Republican Designs

We’re just 5 weeks from the election for President of the United States.  As an equal opportunity tshirt printer we have designed some Republican designs as well as some Democrat designs (with a few Independent designs thrown in for good measure).  We’ll be fair tomorrow but for now here’s some of our Republican Designs.