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Vegan with a side of humor

Vegetarianism too easy for you.  Try being a Vegan.  Not that it’s difficult to follow a Vegan Diet (we actually eat very well and in most cases have a more diversified diet than non-Vegans.  No, the difficult part is answering the never ending list of questions:

1) Don’t you miss cheese/ice cream/butter, etc.?

2) If everyone went vegan, wouldn’t animals take over the world?

3) Do Plants feel pain?

4) Where do you get your protein?

5) Do you eat fish?

6) Wouldn’t cows explode if we didn’t milk them?

7) Don’t you care about people as much animals?

8) Where do you get calcium?

9) What do you eat, salads and tofu?

10) Are you Vegan all the time?

My personal favorite is #4.  I get asked at least twice a week where I get my protein.  I won’t bother answering all of these questions for you now, but perhaps in a future blog post.  In the mean time, here are some great new Vegan Tee designs available in the store.

Mixed Martial Arts, Engage

This is one of my favorite designs on our site.  As a former student of a Philippine Stick Master I appreciate the training required to become great.  As the father of 6 children I also appreciate the ability to create great art.