Monthly Archives: June 2013

Featured Fashion Friday a day early

We decided to showcase our Friday design a day early this week.  Why?  Because we can.  Yes, in many cases we do things because we can.  Unfortunately, for other people, that logic doesn’t work.  Perhaps they underestimated the work that would be required.  Or perhaps they overshot their goals.  In any case, let the heated debate begin.  Me, I’m going on vacation for a few days.  Have a great weekend.


IamTee New Website

After spending the past few months getting our t-shirts out to a wider audience, we finally got around to giving our main website a facelift.  Check it out now at  Of course, there will be more things added and I’m a little behind on blogging, tweeting, posting, pinning and several other verbs.  But stick with me.  There will be some new stuff coming down the pipe very soon.

As you cruise through the site you’ll notice some nice integration with  We currently do about 30% of our business through Amazon so it made sense to integrate the main website.  You’ll be able to check out with your Amazon ID and even use your Amazon billing and shipping preferences.  Our prices will always be the same on Amazon and the Website, but we will offer discounts and special offers on the Website from time to time.  We will also offer a special deal each week on one shirt (50% off) so check back often.  Wear your Passion!


Girl Power OR What just Flew past me

I have a fond memory of the 2005 New York Marathon.  I’m 385 yards from the finish (the .2 in 26.2) and for some reason I decide that it’s time to sprint.  The young lady next to me sees me take off and joins me in the mad dash to the finish line.  Despite my best efforts and the power I felt from the cheers of the crowd, I just couldn’t take her.  She beat me by a good 10 feet.  Afterwords, she thanked me for pushing her during the final stretch as she had PR’d by about 15 seconds.  “Glad to help” I struggled to say as I doubled over while getting my timing chip removed.

Since that day I’ve had a much more relaxed attitude about ‘beating a girl’.  Turns out, I’m not as fast as I think I am.

Time to Hit some Hills

It’s a beautiful morning.  Should I relax and take the day off or should I hop on my bike and hit the hills.  I just started riding about 18 months ago.  I consider myself to be a runner who rides to balance my training.  But more and more, I find myself enjoying the bike as much as I do running.  You can cover a lot of ground in a short timeframe.  There’s always a breeze when you ride.  And finally, I’m becoming addicted to Single Track and the fear/excitement that comes with knowing every turn could plant me on my behind.  Now that’s living.


The evolution of Mario

I remember being fourteen and playing the original Mario Brothers arcade game for hours. Twenty years later I bought one of the machines for my basement. Now I watch as my three sons play new Mario games and am amazed at his longevity.  Of course he’s changed quite a bit over the years.  He grew a bit, his features became sharper and overall his look came into greater focus (due no doubt to the jump from 8 bit to 64 bit and beyond.  Here’s a quick snapshot:

As you can see, this might have been a great shirt design.  However, we feel that Mario goes beyond just himself.  We proudly present our Mario Evolution shirt.  From sticks to joysticks to no sticks (motion detection that is).