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Free Tee Tuesday

Yes, you read that correctly.  Every Tuesday we are going to give away one of our fabulous new Tee’s to one lucky winner.  All you need to do is share this post on Facebook or Twitter or comment on the post itself.  We will randomly pick someone and contact you for size and color preferences.  For our First ever Free Tee we are offering our popular “Coffee Empty” design.  Let us know what you think of the shirt and Good Luck!


Do we drink too much coffee in the States?


On a recent trip to NYC, I was relieved to find that on most busy intersections there were at least 2 Starbucks and in many cases 3.  Compare this to my home in the midwest where I have to actually drive 3 miles to the nearest Starbucks.  So, do we drink too much coffee in the United States.  The truth is we fall somewhere in the middle.  Look at this graphic:

The Fins love their coffee while India and China barely touch the stuff (I see a huge untapped market for Starbucks in those two countires-are you listening Howard?).  While we may not be the biggest consumers per capita, I’m sure we drink enough.  If you are one of those who love your coffee in the morning, or even at night, these shirt designs will probably hit home.